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Navigating the college recruiting process is very complex and can be very difficult. My services include identifying the appropriate target  schools based on level of soccer, GPA, finances, and test scores. Once this list has been created I will help facilitate the recruiting process by using my network of relationships with college coaches. It can be very difficult to get meaningful feedback from college coaches or even have them respond to emails as they receive so many everyday.

Using my already established connecting, I can help introduce players to target schools & coaches and facilitate the recruiting process in real time. This means getting candid feedback whether positive or negative from coaches about the prospective player which will help create a funnel of viable options.

My services include unlimited access to me via email, phone, text; for advice and assistance in the process. However, before signing a consulting contract with me, I have to agree to take you on as a client based on a profile of a student athlete and that both parties agree on the list of target schools.

2018 College Placement History

Boston College

2019 College Placement History

Seton Hall
University of Hartford
To inquire more about college placement consulting, please contact me at
+1 203-631-2029
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